Benefits of choosing Mercedes-EQ.

Whether you opt for a fully electric car or a plug-in hybrid, there are many benefits for going electric.
Benefits of driving an electric or plug-in hybrid

1. Cost savings.

Charging an electric or plug-in hybrid car can be significantly cheaper than fuelling a diesel or petrol car. As well as saving on fuel costs, you can also save on London Congestion Charge when driving around the city in all-electric mode. If you’re a business customer, you can benefit from lower Benefit In Kind tax rates.

2. Convenience.

Charge your car just like you do your smartphone. Plugging your electric or plug-in hybrid car into a home wall box is much more convenient than filling up at a fuel station. You can also benefit from the convenience of pre-setting the climate in your car before you get in, with the Pre-Entry Climate Control function.

3. A greener lifestyle.

Opting for an electric or plug-in hybrid means you’ll be contributing to cleaner air quality by reducing your car’s CO2 emissions. Choose electric for zero local emissions, or a plug-in hybrid for significantly reduced emissions.